Welcome to: Your Legacies and Legends: Publishing Your Family History So It Lives Forever!!


We help you create your own heirloom quality leather-bound album that can be shared online or printed for family to be cherished for generations.

If you have:

  •  hundreds of old photos from your parents and their ancestors that are in a box
  • old photo albums
  • the dreadful “magnetic” albums that had strips of glue that are ruining your old photos
  • Book of Remembrance
  • Family History stories
  • copies of Census and other vital records
  • Military records
  • memorabilia
  • video of the homestead
  • family home movies
  • audio clips

Then welcome to “Your Legacies and Legends, Publishing Your Family History so it lives forever” is an online course that will walk you through every step of the process to create your own beautiful leather bound legacy book that can be shared online or printed in a beautiful leather bound book.  This course has modules covering everything from how to use the free portion of Ancestry for your family tree to how to use MyCanvas.com to publish you Family Legacy using pre-formatted templates that are easily customized. I will share tips on how to include movies and audio recordings in Your Legacies and Legends book that you will not find in any other online courses.

To Get started you only need 2 things:

1. You will need a computer or laptop with access to the Internet. You may need a scanner to scan photos and stories unless your photos and stories are already in a digital format. If you subscribe to the webinar, I will provide instructions for both Windows and Mac computers. If your computer/laptop is over 5 years old, I highly recommend you upgrade it to a more current computer.  NOTE: Doing this on a tablet is possible, but has a few quirks.

2. Your family tree. If your family tree is in Ancestry.com, you are ready to go! If it is in another program or in FamilySearch Tree, then chapter 6 will walk you through how to move it to the free part of Ancestry.com so you don’t have to re-key the data. Note on Privacy: Ancestry automatically makes living people “private” in your tree, but you can also make your tree 100% private if that is a priority for you.

Who should make a Family History Book?

YOU!! You can do this, it is a labor of love. You will find this very rewarding and well worth the effort.
If it seems daunting, then enlist the help of your family. When I published my first Family History book, I found my sister-in-law to be a tremendous help. She had many contacts with her cousins and could reach out to them easily to get updated family information and photos.
If your photos are in boxes and albums, enlist the help of the younger generation to help collect, sort, and scan the photos. This gives you the opportunity to share stories about your ancestors in the photos and their personalities and what was going on at the time.

If you are the younger generation and don’t have copies of all the family photos and stories, then start reaching out to the grandparents, aunts, uncles, distant aunts and uncles. Sometimes it takes a bit of research to find these distant relatives that may have treasures of photos and stories. For example, recently, while visiting my folks, I stopped in at the Family History Center, and saw a woman that I had known as a youth, but didn’t realize we were distant cousins. Since I have been doing family research, I discovered that her husband shared a common ancestor with by great aunts husband. When I saw her, I stated that we were related and walked her through the connection. Upon realizing I was a “Miller”, she asked if I knew Anna whose maiden was “Miller” and a distant cousin. She shared her phone and address and I promptly contacted Anna to find out her grandfather was the brother of my great grandfather and she excitedly shared her family stories and photos and I was able to get copies of a lovely picture and story.

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